Image lit with Phottix Mitros+
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Save $100 on Mitros+ or up to $800 on select Portrait Anywhere Kits.

The kits combine the versatile Mitros+ with the tools you need to create studio quality light in any situation!

Mitros Kit 1

A speedlite. A wireless transmitter. A control center for multiple lights. Pack more than one into a small bag and light your way out of any close-quarters scenario.

Odin II

A wireless TTL transmitter with 32 channels, 5 groups and a plethora of features that includes High-Speed Sync.

Easy Up Umbrella

A shoot-through umbrella that packs down easily and provides the perfect amount of diffusion.

Luna Folding Beauty Dish

A light shaper that folds down to a fraction of its open size. Unlike rigid metal dishes, you don't have to sacrifice perfect lighting for portability.


Phottix Mitros+ Portable Portrait Kit for Canon, Nikon, or Sony


Mitros Kit 1 Save Mitros Kit 1

Phottix Mitros+ Portrait Anywhere 1 for Canon, Nikon, or Sony

Mitrs Kit 2 Save Mitros Kits 2

Phottix Mitros+ Portrait Anywhere 2 for Canon, Nikon, or Sony

Mitros Kit 3 Save Mitros Kit 3

Phottix Mitros+ Portrait Anywhere 3 for Canon, Nikon, or Sony

Mitros Kit 4 Save Mitros Kit 4

Phottix Mitros+ for Canon, Nikon, or Sony

Features the world renown Phottix Odin transceiver built-in for wireless triggering and power control as well as full TTL functionality for use with Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. Small, powerful and versatile, Mitros+ is the key to creating studio quality results anytime, anywhere.

Mitros Mitros Kit 1

When your gear is this portable, no space is too small.